Getting Support

We are ready to help with your issues with VMware Infrastructure Planner, including troubleshooting installations and data collection, questions about savings, privacy concerns, bug reports, and feature requests.

See the following options to determine the best way to get support.

VMware employees

If you are a VMware employee, submit a support request through My VMware using the login account and process listed here (requires VMware network access) to engage Global Support Services.

VMware partners

If you are a VMware partner, submit a support request by filing a ticket with the VMware Global Support. If you do not have a MyVmware account please get in touch with your VMware sales engineer.

General Support Guidelines

You can also send an email to to seek any kind of assistance. However this is not the preferred method of getting support. There might be delays in assessing and providing feedback for requests sent over to this email. A general guideline is to extract support bundles of the collector appliance when requesting any kind of support. The Support bundles can be fetched by clicking on "Export Logs" at the right bottom of the collector appliance UI. Other information to provide in the email would include, but not limited to, are the Token of the assessment on the portal, offlne bundles if you have them, screenshot of the collector status page, screenshots of the tabs in http://[collector_ip]/sidekiq etc.

We look forward to hearing from you!